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All That Glitters original jewellery & accessories are lovingly handmade on the South Coast, NSW. Our designs are 100% original to the All That Glitters brand. It is asked you show respect to this small business & under NO circumstance are designs to be replicated for either personal or professional purposes.

All orders placed with 'All That Glitters' are made to order. Your order & support is greatly appreciated & will be lovingly handmade & posted to you within 5-7 business days.

 Please note, if the selection is made for 'Express postage' this only entitles you to an express postage service undertaken by Australian Post. Your order will still include a 5-7 business days turn around to allow your order to be processed lovingly handmade.

All of the All That Glitters clay beads you see on our website and across our social media platforms are lovingly hand rolled solely by myself, Sally. Please bear in mind, that as a result of this, slight variances in colour, shape & texture may occur. However, each and every hand rolled bead used for our creations, are thoroughly inspected prior to ensombling your orders. This ensures it meets the highest standards of quality 'All That Glitters' upholds. All That Glitters prides itself on the high quality of its beads. You can expect that your order will be free from finger prints, cracks & various other imperfections found with lower quality brands.

To ensure your 'All That Glitters' jewellery & accessories sustain a long & loved life please bear in mind the following instructions when wearing & caring for your jewellery.

1. All That Glitters jewellery is recommended for children 3+ years. This is due to the choking hazard the beads may present if the jewellery is to become loose.

2. Polymer clay is a type of non toxic PVC modeling clay which is cured in the oven at low temperatures. All That Glitters jewellery is purely for fashion purposes. It is NOT suitable for little ones to mouth or chew on.

3. To ensure the longevity of your jewellery please refrain from wearing your 'All That Glitters' jewellery in water. It is also recommended you refrain from spraying perfumes, deodorants and/or hairspray whilst wearing your jewellery as it can potentially affect the clay & threading.

4. Polymer clay is designed to be sturdy & will survive odd occasions of mistreatment such as dropping. However beads will break and/or snap if intentional or non-intential mistreatment is inflicted.

5. Your 'All That Glitters' jewellery can be cared for by wiping with baby wipes or warm soapy water when they become marked or worn. Please note the glitter and foiled beads should be wiped gently & care taken as mistreatment can lead to damage.

6. It is not recommended you wear your 'All That Glitters' jewellery whilst cleaning your household with cleaners or chemicals. This can shorten the life of your new jewellery.

If any further questions may arise in regards to the All That Glitters range, please do not hesitate to send an email to Sally at